The Ultimate Gift For All

Christmas is nearly here and with that comes lots of cheer but also lots of confusion on what to buy our loved ones. Typically, when we think of gift giving, we think more based on what we know the receiver likes and enjoys. However, I challenge you this year to change things up and to purchase gifts with “healthy” as your main focus! Now, it may still end up being a physical item, but why not consider gifting them a little something that encourages them to practice self care? Because there really isn't a better gift on this planet than a healthy and happy body if you ask me! So, why not help give them a little encouragement along the way to take care of it?

Maybe, this year consider jazzing up your mom’s kitchen space with a new, red smoothie maker or gift your dad with some new workout gear. Consider getting your spouse a spa or massage gift certificate or getting your sister a six month membership to fit20! Maybe snag a colorful stainless steel tumbler or some magnesium bath flakes for your close friends. Think “healthy” and you will find that the options are endless!

Now if I am being honest with you all, gift giving doesn’t come naturally to me simply because I tend to get overwhelmed and over-think each item I buy. However, when I shift my focus onto health I instantly feel more guided. I start asking questions like “what items do I own that keep me feeling motivated to take care of my mind and body?” or “what items help me unwind and hit pause?”Think “mind, body and spirit” and then start making that list and then checking it twice! Before you know it, your Christmas shopping list will be complete!

When we give health focused gifts to those we love, we are oftentimes blessing them in ways that maybe they never would have blessed themselves. Sometimes, those we love just need that extra loving nudge of encouragement to get back on track! For so many this time of year, they are left feeling depleted and worn thin but what if we could change that? Now, it may seem to start with that new smoothie maker or a gym membership but ultimately, it begins with you! We have the ability to live by example and inspire those we love but at Christmastime, we can take it a step further. So, what do you say? Are you ready to give the gift of health this year back to those you love? I know I am!