Trending This Week - Yes...You Need Recovery

woman meditating

Think about it this way...the muscle improvements your body produces in response to your fit20 training effort do not occur during your session, but between your sessions. Allowing your body to recover well after your session pays big dividends for your health and fitness. This doesn’t mean you should just lounge on the sofa the rest of the week. Daily physical activity remains important, and so is sleep and taking time to relax or meditate every day. This helps your body to get stronger and healthier.

Lack of recovery interferes with your progress, increases your risk of injury, and causes a negative impact on your health. It basically produces unhealthy stress that makes you vulnerable for anything from feeling ‘off-balance’ to getting a cold. So train hard, then recover well.

Several studies of High Intensity Resistance Training (HIRT) like fit20 have demonstrated that doing such a program twice a week yields not additional benefit compared to once per week, even in younger people. This further emphasize the importance of recovery and allowing your body the time to optimally benefit from your training effort.

While it sounds a little counterintuitive, and probably contrasts with what you’ve heard, training once a week with the proper intensity of effort and a well-thought out program is just about as effective as doing the same program twice or three times a week. So, why not start doing the right program with the right intensity once per week and see if you can stick with it and experience the benefits.


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