Trending This Week - Why Am I Doing This Again?

A fit20 member on the leg press machine being guided by a trainer.
It is only natural to wonder: “Why am I doing this again?”. It is easy to lose sight of the benefits of resistance training as we go about our lives. Change takes time and we are an impatient bunch. So, here it goes. Your fit20 training is a stimulus for positive change! Not only are you making your muscles stronger and healthier, you are also triggering a health response from your body as a whole. That’s why we sometimes call fit20 a health training. That weekly session triggers a whole-body response that boosts overall health including your immune system, bones, and brain to name just a few of the systems positively affected by your training. Giving your body that weekly boost is a potent way to work on your health and the prevention of common diseases like heart and metabolic disease. It also helps to keep inflammation under control. So, keep training, and stay strong and healthy!