Trending This Week - Training for Humans

A fit20 member on the hip adduction machine.

As humans we all share the same physiology. This means that our bodies respond similarly to the fit20 training stimulus. It creates positive change in the body no matter how old, fit, or skilled you are. fit20 was designed around the question…”What is the least amount of training I can do and still get the benefits of exercise?”. Literally hundreds of studies, and our own data, have allowed us to create the ideal program to answer that essential question.

We know for a fact that everyone who participates in fit20 will see improvements in strength because your muscles become more efficient and stronger. We also know the training boosts your overall health and longevity in fundamental ways. It also helps improve your self confidence and elevate your mood. Most importantly, fit20 is easy to stick with because it is only once per week and you work with a dedicated trainer. Consistency in training is the primary driver of strength and health benefits.

If you are a human, fit20 is right for you!