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Train With a Friend

Exercising with a friend or acquaintance has long been recommended as a practical way to make sure you don't skip your weekly training session. For one thing, “It's almost impossible to skip your workout when you have someone waiting for you,” notes fit20 personal trainer Mark Mattis.

We see it every day in our studio...members who train with a friend do better. They have more fun and are able to stick with their training commitment longer. Anything you can do to stick with your training practice should be taken advantage of. Training with a friend is one of the most powerful strategies. A little competition, or just sharing the challenge of pushing toward that maximum effort are important reasons to work out with a training partner.

Research has shown that a partner's better fitness habits can rub off on us, inspiring us to reach higher levels of conditioning. And the effect is not small: These researchers found that having a more fit buddy could increase your workout time and intensity by as much as 200 percent (1).