Trending This Week - Rhythm Not Blues

A young woman smiling on the lat pulldown machine

At fit20 we are sticklers when it comes to performing each exercise with great form, breathing, and posture. This focus allows you to get the most out of each exercise, and minimize your risk of injury. The “rhythm” of your exercise movement is fundamental to our method. Not only is the rhythm purposely slow but it is also super-smooth. Let’s examine this further.

The pace of the movement is to be exactly the same from when you start till the moment you are unable to move the resistance any longer, at which point your trainer starts the 10-second countdown. This sounds logical but it is hard to do well. Little accelerations and decelerations make the exercise more tolerable and it’s a big challenge to suppress your body’s intention to make things easier. Sticking to that super-smooth pace will allow you to steadily engage more muscle fibers. This creates the strongest possible trigger for improving health and fitness. So, challenge yourself to smoothen out your movement and elevate your rhythm score.