Trending This Week - Posture Reflects Health

A man with a big smile exercising at fit20

Posture is an undervalued component of health and well-being. Proper posture contributes to better breathing, better blood flow, and even a better mood. Our posture often reflects how we are feeling. It reflects both our physical and mental health status.

At fit20 we focus greatly on posture. Allowing our members to train in postures that aren’t optimized for them as individuals would allow harmful posture habits to perpetuate. This could easily lead to aches and pains in joint structures and muscles. That’s why your trainer often gives you instructions about the posture corrections you can make while doing fit20 exercises.

That is a unique aspect of the fit20 training method; we can make posture adjustments while exercising. Carry these posture instructions into your daily life with everything you do. We think you will find it has a positive impact on your overall health.