Trending This Week - Not Plateau but Optimal Potential

Trending This Week - Not Plateau but Optimal Potential

Some people feel they are "done" with strength training once they can no longer increase their weights. While understandable, this idea can lead to decisions that harm your potential for lifelong health, fitness, and disease prevention. In fact, once we reach this stage, you have reached an important milestone. You have reached your optimal potential and that is an amazing feat. Yet, it is not the end of your strength training journey but rather the beginning of your lifelong health and fitness practice. It is all about staying strong and healthy as you get older.

We all have a ‘strength potential’. You could think about it as your maximum strength at your current stage of life. How amazing that you have been able to reach your strength potential, your personal best, but what to do next? Well, now you want to keep that optimal potential and enjoy the benefits of your newly acquired strength and stamina for the rest of your life. fit20 can be your valuable companion on that journey.

It has been known for some time that various training methods can help people reach their strength potential. What was NOT known before the ‘fit20 study’ (1) is that people can reach their optimal potential with a single weekly training session of 20 minutes. By implementing smart strategies based on scientific evidence, fit20 is able to provide personal training that produces an optimal stimulus for health and fitness improvement while minimizing total exercise time. A true win-win. As with all training methods, fit20 only works if you commit to giving it your best effort every week again. “Use it or lose it”.


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