Trending This Week - Myokines

Over the past decades, researchers have found that your muscles work as an endocrine organ, which can produce and secrete hundreds of myokines that exert their effects throughout your body as these myokines travel through your bloodstream.

Your muscles produce myokines in response to exercise, which allows for ‘crosstalk’ between your muscles and other organs, including your brain, fat tissue, bone, liver, gut, pancreas, vascular bed, and skin, as well as communication within the muscle itself.

It has been shown that the roles of myokines include effects on, for example, cognition, metabolism, browning of white fat, bone formation, skin cell function, muscle growth, and tumor growth. This suggests that we should be thinking about exercise prescriptions for people with, for example, cancer, diabetes, or neurodegenerative diseases.

To learn more about the myokine-based relationship between your muscles and your health see this link