Trending This Week - Joint Protection

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Strength training is good for just about everyone. It's especially beneficial for people with arthritis. When properly done, strength training helps them support and protect joints, not to mention ease pain, stiffness, and possibly swelling (1).

If you have arthritis and want to incorporate smart resistance training like fit20 into your health practice, here are 5 tips that may help.

  1. Work with a certified personal trainer who knows how to train people with arthritis.
  2. Train slowly (actual slow motion) and precisely to avoid undue stress on your joints while optimizing the workout for your muscles.
  3. Focus on maintaining proper posture. This helps to reduce stress on your joints and strengthens good posture habits.
  4. Use ideal resistance levels and train deeply to trigger the optimal response from your body while ensuring joint safety.
  5. Allow for sufficient rest between training sessions. Due to the optimal intensity of training, at fit20 we advise members to train once weekly for the best muscle strengthening results and the lowest risk of joint injury.