Trending This Week - Failure = Success

Trending This Week - Failure = Success

One of the fundamental features of the fit20 training method is momentary muscle failure. In practice, this means that the fit20 personal trainer encourages members to continue on a little longer than they otherwise would, as long as it is safe. We ask members to continue moving against the resistance in a controlled manner until the movement stops despite their maximum effort.

While this demands more from the trainer and the member than regular training, the additional benefits are well worth the effort. These benefits include optimized results on the one hand and a lower training frequency on the other. Great results in less time. A true win-win situation! Yes, but you have to invest a high intensity of effort to reap the benefits. That effort has to come from the member.

Recent scientific studies have shown that the intensity of effort is a primary driver of physiological adaptation as it relates to resistance training. We see that high-intensity training results in optimal health and fitness improvements in the least amount of time. One 20-minute session per week suffices. Much less than all of us were taught to believe. Another revelation is that resistance training is not just good for our muscles, but also for our general health and cardiovascular fitness.

Take a look at these two quotes from the scientific paper we reference below.

“Performance of RT to failure will produce significant improvement in CV fitness that occurs through physiological adaptations such as up-regulation of mitochondrial enzymes, mitochondrial proliferation, conversion towards a type IIa phenotype, and capillarization”. (1)

“The extent that any modality of exercise produces CV fitness adaptations appears to be dependent primarily upon the intensity of the exercise. Chronic adaptations appear to reside predominantly at the peripheral muscular and vascular levels”. (1)

Given the great results people are experiencing with short but intensive resistance training like fit20, it is not surprising we get more and more people asking us if fit20 will work for them. Because the training is based on normal human physiological responses, we can pretty much guarantee that it will work for them too.

It is time to shift our 3x-per-week-sweating-in-a-crowded-gym mentality to the new laser-focused training methods that provide the exact right dosage of exercise to achieve the results we seek in the least amount of time. Think of the time you save to do the things you actually want to do. Finally, it is easy to learn how to do this type of training well. We see people of all ages and abilities exceed their own expectations.