Trending This Week - Enjoy The Afterburn

A fit20 member on the chest press machine.

Many fit20 members have noticed that their heart rate stays elevated after their fit20 session, sometimes for a few hours. Thanks Apple Watch : ). What is actually happening is that your body is using the aerobic (with oxygen) pathway to make more ATP (muscle fuel). That is necessary because you used up so much ATP during your fit20 training that the reserves are deemed "dangerously" low.

Your body seeks to restore this imbalance (restore the homeostasis). That takes time, usually about 90 minutes but it can take substantially longer. Your body is essentially exercising its aerobic system as you are getting on with your daily activities after your training. As soon as the muscle fuel stores are replenished your heart rate, which was elevated to transport more oxygen to your muscles cells, returns to base levels. We think this afterburn is a pretty cool fringe benefit of the fit20 training