Trending This Week - Training Together

two friends at fit20 celebrating success with a trainer

We see it every day in our studio...members who train with a friend do better. They have more fun and are able to stick with their training commitment longer. The benefits of your training are really measured over the long term.

To be sure, first-time members experience significant results within weeks of starting fit20, but the real health benefits just take more time to develop. Any strategy you can use to stick with the program should be maximized. Training with a friend is one of those strategies, a very powerful one. A little competition or just sharing the challenge of pushing toward that maximum effort are important reasons to find a training partner.

Look around in your social network and see who might be a great training partner. They can come along to see what you’re doing here or just schedule a FREE intro session to see if fit20 is right for them too. We also give you a nice discount if you bring in a new member...just so you know ?!