Looking to Add a Little More to Your Fitness Repetoire? Check Out These Must Have Accessories.

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With the holidays creeping up it is time to begin preparing for what to get your loved ones for Christmas. Better yet, the anticipation of shopping begins with Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals just around the corner. I for one, never go shopping during the holidays without spoiling myself, so what I am saying here is that you should either splurge on yourself or give your significant other a “wink-wink” and kindly ask them to buy you some new accessories to enhance your fitness journey. Our members approach us when they start our strength training program and ask, “Are there things that I should invest in while working out with fit20?” or “What do you think is a necessary accessory for this program?” The answer is simply that it is all up to the member but to assist you on what you can be looking for during the holidays to get the most out of not only your fit20 workout but every workout you do down the road we have a few recommendations.

Weight Training Gloves

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The resistance at fit20 is no joke with your trainer consistently pushing you to increase your time or weight on any given week. The use of weight training gloves does not only apply to fit20 but any workouts where you will be pushing or pulling. The benefits of weight lifting gloves are simple. They decrease hand pain, increase stability and protect your wrists, and, if you are an aspiring hand model, stop you from accumulating calluses. The other benefits actually help you push more weight and move you past the limitations of chest and back exercises done with your bare hands. Additionally, the gloves with wrist support help to evenly distribute the weight to your forearms instead of putting all the pressure on your fingers and hands. HiConsumption has a list of the best weight lifting gloves of 2021 in order of price to help those who are on a budget or those that are looking for top-quality gear.

Fitness Watches

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According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, less than 5 percent of adults participate in 30 minutes of physical activity every day. This statistic is jaw-dropping but the reason for this could be that people need other types of simulation to get them going. Fitness watches are much more commonplace these days since they are relatively cheap depending on the brand or where you get them. However, if you don’t have one, they are a great way to track your progress while you are doing an intense workout. Fitness watches track your heart rate, calorie and water intake, and help you become accountable during your fitness journey. One thing that stands out is that they tell you when you are inactive and may give you the push you need to move around even when it is inconvenient. While most fit watches give similar benefits, it is worth pointing out the FitBit watches go on sale pretty frequently with Kohls having a pretty good deal on the Versa 2 ($60 off). Here are other highly rated fitness watches for 2021.

Fitness Bands

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This type of product benefits those looking to do resistance training other days of the week when they are not at the gym. First of all, they are super cost effective. There is no need to buy a $3000 machine to put in your home that will just collect dust and be sold a year later on a second hand site for half the price you paid for it after you only used it four times. If you’re one of those people, I am sorry if I hit you where it hurts, but it is true. Bands don’t take up space and promote other areas of fitness that are ignored by most: Good form, balance, and focus. According to Pro Source Fit, bands greatly decrease your risk of injury and provide similar muscle activity with weight training. Glamour has a list of the 13 best resistance bands and what they are used for. Men, if you are too masculine for the word Glamour, I got you covered.

Exercise Balls and Foam Rollers

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A common theme that fit20’s trainers run into is a new member’s lack of core strength. This is perfectly normal since we lose a lot of this strength as we age. However, exercise balls make for a great addition to your fitness routine and can help you increase your core strength relatively quickly. North Central Surgical notes that when used properly, stability balls can strengthen the core. A strong core protects your back and stabilizes the whole body, including your pelvis and spine. Not only do they strengthen your core but you can perform leg curls and planks safely with them. For more tips on how to get the most out of an exercise ball, click here.

Foam rollers give you that “hurts so good” feeling that can ease that pain you feel in your joints, reduce soreness, and promotes the recovery process following difficult workouts. According to EVO fitness, it has similar benefits to exercise balls since it lowers your chance of injury, increases your range of motion, and decreases your recovery period. If you don’t like pain, an exercise ball may be better for you; however, if you can grit your teeth and get it done, go with a foam roller. They range in price and size but here are some that have the best reviews.

While these are suggestions on gifts that you can buy either for friends or family members, I recommend splurging on yourself for some fitness gear this holiday season. I and you both know that your New Year’s resolution of dropping a few pounds is just around the corner, so having some accessories that can get you started could help you out. It doesn’t even have to be any of the stuff mentioned above. Why not try something like this? Or this?

Perhaps, Fit20’s slow-motion strength training program could be of interest to you. 20 minutes, once a week to get all of your strength training needs. You're just one click away from a free consultation with one of our outstanding personal trainers. Happy shopping and happy holidays!