Getting Ready For a Long Vacation? Make Sure To Do These Things.

A client approached us a few weeks ago and mentioned that she is going to Croatia and Greece for a few weeks and was worried about how she would fare over the course of her trip. An easy answer is “Just exercise”, but there is definitely more to it than that. Although exercise is very important you should be considering other things that will make your trip more comfortable. What shoes are you wearing? Do you have injuries that are still on the mend? When we travel, we are walking more than we usually do, with some travelers walking close to 10 miles per day and we are also carrying around luggage that is heavier than what we are used to (better do some strength training). Don’t be ill-prepared to spend hours on your feet, instead, focus on what you can do to make sure that your vacation is more enjoyable than it is miserable. Try the following to prepare yourself for your dream vacation:

Get The Right Pair of Shoes

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There is nothing wrong with the shoes that you wear daily but there are not many people that are walking two miles per day let alone eight to ten. We can’t stop our feet from aching and burning on long walks but we can feel better and help our joints out a bit. The advantages of wearing a good shoe include improved posture and balance, enhanced blood circulation in the legs, and protection from rocks and gravel. Don’t let blisters or a sprained ankle ruin your trip. New Balance and Skechers provide comfort for those looking for a diverse shoe. Podiatrists recommend the New Balance Fresh Foam 860v11, Hoka One One Bondi 7, and ASICS Gel-Contend 5 for people who are going to be on their feet all day and need that extra spring in their step. We are not saying that buying a new pair of shoes designed for walking is going to be the answer to getting you physically prepared, but a proper pair of shoes will have your feet screaming “thank you”.

Give Yourself Enough Time Before Your Vacation

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Don’t wait until the last second to start preparing. I don’t know many people who can procrastinate on anything and consider it a success. Your body needs time to prepare for a long trip. You should be just thinking about the activities you will be doing, but consider the long flights, your diet, and jet lag when you arrive and come home. Traveling takes a toll on everyone but giving yourself one month as opposed to one week could make all the difference. Carmen Edelson, a luxury travel blogger, mentions that the time that you buy your ticket is the time to start the countdown to assist your physical and mental transformation. You can set short-term goals for your diet and workout routine. It is highly recommended that you participate in some form of cardio for between 30-40 minutes three times per week before your trip to be the best you while you are on vacation.

Improve Your Stamina and Flexibility

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I am sure a lot of us have been on long plane rides before. No, I am not talking about the 3 hours flight you took on a gambling trip with your friends to Vegas, but those daunting 10-12 hour flights across the Atlantic or Pacific. It is tough to sit in an airplane without any room to move, especially for that amount of time. Improving your flexibility will have your body feeling good before you start your journey. Yoga improves flexibility, prevents back pain, and reduces stress, all of which are needed before you are stuffed into seats that even the thinnest people can barely fit into. Lonely Planet recommends these yoga poses before you get on your flight but we recommend doing them weeks before so your body is nice and limbered up. Strength-wise, lifting heavy weights is great but make sure to strengthen those legs. Fewer elevators, more stairs. No need to throw a lot of weight over your shoulders and do squats. Using your bodyweight to perform lunges, squats, and calf raises will be more than enough.

Have a Plan

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Provide yourself with some goals, checklists, and structure before you dive into training. Expecting to walk eight miles per day? Work your way towards that distance in small increments. Try two mile walks one week and four mile walks the next. Going on intense hikes for a few days during your trip? Try two legs days per week at home or try strength training. If you know what you will be doing on your trip, setting goals is the key to making sure that you can travel effortlessly. Making sure that you set goals that are attainable will make all the difference in your journey and give you a positive state-of-mind. For those who are short on time we have the solution. We may be biased, but fit20’s slow motion strength training program has delivered amazing results to its members by giving clients large strength increases in a short amount of time. You can give us a call and set up a free consultation where we discuss your goals, health history, and whatever else you would like to share with us. Our personal trainers will get you ready for your trip in no time. All you have to do is show up.