Fit “Giving” Into Your Healthy Routine

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s easy to become bogged down with our long list of to-do’s. But what about if this year we change things up a bit, look past our own agenda and take some time to acknowledge the needs around us in our community? There are lots of ways to give back but if you ask me, there is no better place to start than with a little pantry makeover! While we work on inentionally cleaning up the food we put in our bodies, why not also go through our pantry and take note of shelf items that are getting ignored and that are not as likely to get used before their expiration date? How many cans of food are hiding behind cereal boxes on your shelves? How many bags of rice or boxes of pasta are shoved in the corner? Take a minute to take a pantry inventory and you may be surprised!

Credit: Laura Heflin

A few cans of soup, beans, and a couple of boxes of pasta can go such a long way so why not give them to a family in need? Truthfully, if you really were to take just a few minutes to go through your food stash today, I really think you would be amazed at how much you actually have! And here is the kicker. Motivation to treat our body well and stay on a healthy path really can come from lots of different places and I believe and have seen time and time again that one of those places is giving back! Not only does this feeling give you a little jolt of dopamine (a.k.a the “reward neurotransmitter”), but it also helps encourage us to stay on track! Why? Well, simply put, one positive action almost always leads to another, and this is backed by science!

Credit: Canva

So, if we find ourselves in a rut and lacking motivation but then make the intentional choice to give back to others, we may just find ourselves feeling more positive about our life and our purpose here on this earth. Then as a result and with this renewed sense of purpose, we find ourselves more motivated to focus on our own well-being because we want to have the energy to keep on showing up and making a difference! So yes! Giving back to others in a sense is a way to give back to ourselves!

Credit: Canva

With all this said, why not take a few minutes today to do a little pantry cleanout and put together a box of non-perishable food items to bless someone else today? Join fit20 in our local can drive this month or drop your box off at a local homeless shelter or food pantry! Every little act of kindness makes a difference and each act comes back full circle to bless the giver in numerous of ways! It only takes one person to start the trend so why not start with you?