Fall Into a Healthier You!

Laura Heflin preparing food in her kitchen.

The school bells are ringing and summer has officially come to an end! Now, as exciting as new seasons can be, you may have found yourself feeling a bit frazzled by this time every year and ready for a new, fresh start. Enter fall and all of its coziness, pumpkin candles, and cooler weather where we find ourselves driving here and there for after-school activities, juggling new, hectic schedules, and getting closer and closer to the holidays. It’s times like these that we can either choose to A, thrive, or B, throw out our healthy routine.

Did you catch the keyword “choose”? I wrote that because really, healthy living comes down to just that- the choices we choose to make. Here’s the thing. Life is and forever will be ever-changing. Routines and schedules will, as strategically planned as they may be, never quite add up to the perfect flow of events. Life and chaotic seasons happen. But we have a choice to pivot or not and we have a choice to keep our health as a priority or let it go.

This is where planning comes in. I talk about planning a lot in my books, on my blog, and my podcast (check out The Live Healthy With Laura Podcast on Spotify that just launched last month!) because frankly, if healthy and fit are your goal, it’s just not optional! As we just discussed, life is always changing for us and we have no choice but to take charge of our time and calendars, otherwise, it will take charge of us! If we don’t plan to eat well, move our bodies, sleep, drink water and have time for fun and life-giving relationships, it just won’t happen and balance will be lost.

We have to start looking at our schedules in a new way. Instead of thinking that we are way too busy to stop and care for our physical and mental health, we must instead remind ourselves that it simply isn’t an option not to. Truly, it is non-negotiable! We can’t give back to our jobs, family, and friends if our oxygen mask is constantly off, can we? No, we can’t. So, if we know we have a lot on our plate then it is up to us to ensure we remain feeling happy, healthy, and energized so we can take on the world!

One thing I do and have trained my clients to do is to really utilize the time they do have instead of focusing on the time they don’t. I also try to encourage them to take fifteen minutes on the weekend to write down a strategic plan for the week ahead that not only includes taking care of everyone else's needs but also their own. Asking questions such as, “what healthy dinners would I like to prepare and which nights?”, “which nights do the kids have practice and which nights will we be home?”, “which days and at what times could I schedule a time to move my body?”, “what time do I need to go to bed and wake up each day to make it a success?”, “when can I squeeze in time to have fun and go see a friend?” and so on are so important. It’s questions like these that will help you take charge of your schedule in the midst of change and chaos and get you going on the road to health and happiness!

Once you get on top of your schedule instead of letting it get on top of you (which leaves you only feeling discouraged and overwhelmed) radical confidence will be born! So why not try it today? Get out a planner or even just a sheet of paper and a pen and start strategically planning out your days and week ahead! Then, get excited to thrive this season and FALL into a healthier you!