5 Common Excuses Why People Don't Exercise Regularly and How to Solve Them

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There are so many things people would rather do than exercise like lay back and watch a movie, go out to eat with friends, or even cuddle up in bed after a long day at work and look at your phone. It is well-documented that exercise offers people a path to a longer life with less chance of running into chronic illnesses, but it still stands that 5% of adults truly get the right amount of exercise necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Meaning that the remaining 95% have an excuse or two why they are not regularly active. Here are 5 of the most common excuses for not exercising along with solutions on how to get yourself going.

Excuse #1: I’ve Tried Before and It Didn’t Work

It is understandable that people get discouraged when trying to start a healthy lifestyle. A lot of this stress is due to not achieving goals in a short amount of time. Everyone wants to lose 50 pounds or strive for immediate results when that is unrealistic. Think about exercise in terms of a career. Do people stop working when they realize that they aren’t going to be millionaires at their current job? No. They move on to the next position or they keep working to make their way up within the company to receive a better paycheck. Here are a few solutions to get over the hump:

Solution #1: Have an exercise buddy to hold you accountable. It’s simple to show up when you know that someone is waiting for you.

Solution #2: Track your journey on apps that show what you have done. Social media is a great place to post fitness pictures because people will motivate you to keep going. Remember: You are doing what many others aren’t…. exercising.

Excuse #2: I’m Too Tired Because of Work

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No matter what job you do, mental and physical fatigue kicks in. You can be an office worker sitting down for 8 hours filling out paperwork, or you can be a construction worker lifting heavy objects and getting a workout on the job. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be giving yourself a little bit of time to dedicate to your body. If anything exercise might be what you need if you are tired since your heart is pumping oxygen to all the important parts of your body.

Solution #1: Start small. Go on walks first and follow that up with lifting weights once a week. There is no harm in taking baby steps.

Solution #2: Exercise during a time of day when you have the most energy. Work out at the beginning of the day if you work late into the evening. Have a long lunch break? Take a nice walk after eating.

Excuse #3: Financial Reasons

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A statistic that jumps out at me is that 6.3% of people who start a membership never even go once. Think about how much money is thrown away once you put pen to paper? 49.9% of people who joined gyms in 2019 went twice a week. Clearly, that is better than not going to the gym at all. But that still doesn’t justify starting a gym membership if you aren’t going to make the most out of it. I am not saying that gym membership is bad, but make sure that you are someone who has the means to go when you get started.

Solution: There are so many videos at our disposal on YouTube. Into yoga? Hop on YouTube. Wanna start a small home gym? That may save you money long term.

Excuse #4: I Have No Motivation

No motivation you say? It wasn’t hard for you to hop in your car, go to a fast food drive-thru and wait on your food. The difference between waiting in line to get food is the reward at the end (the food). Exercise doesn’t give these types of rewards immediately so it is understandably hard to want to go to the gym.

Solution #1: Give yourself a reward every few weeks for exercising x amount of times. Maybe that is how you can earn your fast food fix.

Solution #2: Watch how much you progress after exercising for a month. That’s all it takes. Log your exercise into apps like Strava to see how you have improved.

Excuse #5: I’m Too Embarrassed to Exercise in Front of Others

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This is a very tough one for a lot of people. You can compare this to learning a language and being scared to speak it to people who are fluent. The only way you get over this is to learn to laugh at yourself. Remember that a lot of people are like you in that they are trying to get started in the most comfortable way possible. A lot of programs can be done from home and others, like fit20, make sure that there are one or two people per class. Here are a few ways to get started if you fall under this category:

Solution #1: Try riding bikes or doing something that takes an unconscious effort to do. Biking is for people of all sizes and backgrounds, so it is easy to pick up quickly. The benefits of riding bikes are tremendous and can definitely help you get on the right path.

Solution #2: Scared that you don’t know how to use the weights correctly? Don’t know what exercises to do? That’s what employees at fitness studios are for. They can help you with the little things to get you started. Ask a friend who has more experience than you for some assistance. Anyone would want to help someone improve themselves.

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