Els van Beek

“Since my rehabilitation my muscle function has never been so good.”

In October 2014 I started with fit20 in the Netherlands. Initially I was very sceptical, what can you achieve in 20 minutes per week? Six years ago I have had an accident that left me with a 4th grade cartilage knee lesions. Actually, I felt my knee with each step. I have had rehabilitation therapy, went into surgery twice but it still did not go well. At the checks in the hospital it was even measured that my thigh muscle activity was only declining.

But my last check showed that my muscle function and the muscle mass around my knee and in my thigh muscle were greatly improved. In fact, since my accident, it has never been so good! I mentioned to my trauma doctor that the only thing I did differently than before is the weekly fit20 training. Of course, he was sceptical, but he still went to see the website. With the conclusion that for me this training works very well.

Before I did fit20 there was still fluid in my knee. Now that's really much less. In my own company I walk a lot, together an average of 11 km per day. Six months ago it was unthinkable that I could do this all week. In the evenings when I came home I right away went to sit in a chair with my leg up. But now this is no longer necessary. I still feel my knee, but so much less than before I started with fit20. If someone would have predicted this to me before I started with fit20 I had never believed it!

I think the training itself however is very heavy. Especially in the beginning I was devastated at the training day. I'm still reluctant, I actually don’t really like it at all and it's just not something I do for fun ... But that is not really necessary, I have my pleasure later, the rest of the time.

I therefore certainly recommend fit20.

Els van Beek (33) owner child centre Sprankel www.kindcentrumsprankel.nl