The Impact of Having a Personal Trainer

Klantverhaal Michiel van Haastert

Did you ever think in your lifetime you would need the help of a Personal Trainer?
I didn’t see the need for a trainer at first, I thought I could handle my own fitness goals and continually improve on my own. I was completely wrong about being able to achieve my best without the help of another.

fit20 opened the door to my first ever Personal Training experience. I am a Personal Trainer by trade and took my health into my own hands, until I felt the power of having someone with an outside perspective guiding me to a place I never knew was possible in my own strength and fitness - and it only takes 20 Minutes!!

In my early days as a Trainer I was rigorously pounding away at my body to achieve what I thought was my Optimal Performance. 5-6 Days a week for 1.5+ hours. Then, one day I sat back and asked myself, “What am I doing?”. Is all this time I am investing really making the difference that I’m striving for? I have a family. Is all this time away from them exercising worth it? There has to be a way to achieve my fitness goals and have time for those that I care so deeply about.

I started training with fit20 and within 3 Months, my strength improved 25%. Obviously, the training method was new and drastically different than anything my body had ever experienced. The other aspect I never considered needing was the eyes of the trainer. The trainer bridges the gap between our psychological limit and the physical potential we are all capable of - and the eyes of the trainer adds another level of safety and accountability that is not always possible on our own. My life has truly been changed, having a trainer has helped guide me to a place I never thought was possible in my own strength and fitness.