fit20 Traverse City is OPEN

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fit20 Traverse City is open!

We are doing free introductory training sessions all week. Kris Rockwood of Press On Juice is one of the first to try this new innovative training method, and she's impressed.
She comments:

"There is nothing like this in Traverse City. I can't believe how effective just 20 minutes of your training is".

fit20 is 20 minutes of intense training under the guidance of a personal trainer. You train once per week by appointment, so there is no waiting. Because we keep the studio cool there is no need to change or shower. You have to experience it yourself to better understand our training method.

That's why we invite you to join us for a free introductory training. There is no obligation, we are excited to tell you all about our unique training method.

Just call Mark at 231-421-3616 to schedule your free session.