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"Following the Governor’s mandate closing sports and fitness facilities, all fit20 studios in the United States are currently closed until further notice. We have petitioned the Governor for approval to open our Studios, as we believe they represent a safe and healthy way to maintain fitness, and support a strong immune system, while maintaining social distancing. We will keep you informed regarding any changes, especially if we are given approval to open.

During these trying times, we are all aware of the great value of our health, and how to take care of ourselves during the stay at home order. Sleep well, eat fresh and healthy foods, and especially relax and enjoy each other and the small moments. Also, stimulate your body in a smart way every week to become stronger and more resilient. To support our members and anyone that wants an in home training program, we have created the fit20 “in home” training series. It can be used as a weekly short, safe but intensive challenge to your body. Every workout gives your whole body a message: everything must become stronger and better! Read more on our website about how this unique health stimulus works with your body and for stories of fit20 members who have experienced an incredible effect from their training.

Please take advantage of our “in home” training while our Studios are not open. If you are interested in the fit20 training program, let us know and we will contact you when our Studios are open to do a “free introductory training”. Please stay safe and healthy! "


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“I will continue to do this as long as I can”

The change story of Michiel van Haastert

I play golf and when I previously had walked 18 holes I was dead tired. Now I can do that more or less without problems.

Read about Michiel's experience

"My muscles are more defined and I have more energy"

The change story of Jan Willem van Weerdenburg

“After more than six months training I have noticed during my other sports activities that my basic condition has improved as well as the condition and definition of my muscles.” .

Read about Jan Willem's experience

fit20 makes fitness the easiest part of your week.


Schedule your free introductory training

You can schedule your personal training session for the time that works best for you, so you’ll never need to worry about changing your routine in order to work out. During your first session you'll meet our trainer, go through the science behind fit20, and start training.


Spend 20 minutes working with your trainer

Each week you'll work with your trainer through six familiar exercises for just 20 minutes. There's no need to change into gym clothes or shower once you wrap up. We focus on your health and fitness in a focused timeframe and get you back to the things you enjoy.


Recover and enjoy your newfound fitness!

Overtraining is a real thing. This is why training more frequently is not necessary and can actually be counterproductive. Now it's time to spend the rest of the week letting your muscles recover. Then plan to do even better next session.

Why do you always train with a personal trainer at fit20?

Exercise research (see video Prof. Dr. James Steele) clearly shows that your training results are better when you work out with a trainer. Our trainers help you stay motivated and coach you through the difficult spots. They pay attention to your posture to avoid injury. They also monitor your breathing, your exercise pace and rhythm, so you get the best results from your training. Finally, they record your performance every week to track your progress. Of course, they love answering your questions about the fit20 training and what it does for your health and fitness.

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